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As you continue training for your upcoming race, there are a few more things to pay attention to.  As I mentioned in Part I, I want you to avoid mistakes that can throw you for a loop on or before the big day.

Rest is NOT a 4-Letter Word
Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in your training to the point that you forget to rest and recover.  Don't allow yourself to get so concerned about your mileage that you begin to over-train.  Over-training can lead to injury, fatigue, irritability, and illness.  When you train hard, your body needs time to recover.  Recovery allows your muscles to rebuild, your body to refuel, and your mind to relax as well.  Schedule at least one recovery day every week, otherwise you may be forced to take time off due to injury or illness. 

Running is NOT a Balanced Exercise Program
Don't get me wrong, running is a great form of exercise.  I wouldn't leave it out of my training regimen.  But, running is not all-inclusive.  You are working the same muscles in the same way repetitively.  Your body needs a variety of movement to be strong and functional.  Include strength training and movement to maintain your range of motion regularly in your training plan.  If you move every joint in every direction every day, your body will be more evenly trained allowing for greater function and less chance of injury.

Seams Are NOT Your Friend
As you begin to add mileage it is important that you pay attention to clothing choice on your long run days.  Those tiny little seams that are directly on your skin may become the most painful and distracting part of your run one day.  Add moisture from rain, sweat, or a splash of water and you may have to learn about chafing the hard way.  Men, you may not even need seams.  A simple cotton t-shirt can be a sure way to experience the dreaded nipple chafe.  How do you avoid it?   Wear tech clothing with flat seams or no seams at all.  Invest in some Body Glide or other form of anti-chafing gel, cream, etc. and apply where your clothing may begin to rub.  And, finally, test out new clothing on a short run or while doing some other form of exercise for fit, comfort, and chafe-prevention. 

As you train for your upcoming race, remember to train smart, rest well, and dress for comfort and performance.  Run strong and run smart, friends!

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