Thursday, November 10, 2011

Got Range of Motion?

My half-marathon training officially began last week.  However, after being on vacation, where my activity level was not the same as it usually is, my body had tightened up a bit.  Suddenly, after just a few training runs my hip started hurting.  I had two choices:  Gut it out and hope it started to feel better or do some Range of Motion exercises.  Even though the runner in  me wanted to go for a run and hope for the best, the trainer in me took over and I skipped my weekend run and hit the Range of Motion exercises.
I immediately eliminated the hobbling that had occurred everytime I went from sitting to standing.  After a couple of days I went for my next scheduled run - hill repeats!  My hip didn't flare up at all.  In fact, when I stretched out after my run, I was so limber, I hardly felt the quad/hip flexor stretches!  And, this morning as I sat in a meeting I just kept thinking, "My hips are feeling awesome right now!" 
Spread Foot Glides - Great for hip mobility!  

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because we all have times when we ignore the pain just hoping it will go away on its own.  We keep doing the things that make it feel bad, because those are activities we enjoy, but we pay for it later.  Instead of pushing until the pain immobilizes you, listen to your body.  Because your body was designed to move, proper movement will allow your body to self-correct the imbalances your activities create.  So, do your exercise routines that I've given you, come to the Range of Motion classes, move your body in every direction every day.  Your body will thank you!