Monday, November 22, 2010

Smart Shopping

Several weeks ago I heard a statement that really struck me. "You can't be any healthier than the food you eat." I went to the grocery store recently with that phrase in my head. I found it to be a great guideline for my food shopping and meal planning.

It can be so tempting to purchase meals in a box and fast food when life gets busy. Most of us know what we should eat, but we often make choices based on convenience and impulse. Life is busy. I get it. But, do you really want to only be as healthy as a fast food meal?

Take a step back from the busyness for a few minutes. Make a plan for your meals. Hit the grocery store with that plan in mind and have a healthy holiday season!

Shopping tips:

Start your shopping in the fresh produce section and purchase a variety.

Look for lean meats: Chicken and turkey (skinless), fish, and even lean beef.  (Look for the words “loin” or “round” in the name for leaner cuts of beef.)

Organic does not mean healthy. Check the calorie and fat content and the ingredients. Check the calories, fat content, and ingredients - just like you would with all foods.

Look for whole grain, high fiber versions of cereal, bread, tortillas, etc.

Low-fat doesn’t necessarily mean healthier. Many low-fat choices have high sugar content.

Skip the empty calories (high in energy, but low in nutrients) like sugary soda, candy, cookies, etc.  You'll cut unnecessary calories and save money. 

Check labels - always!

Choose food that is as healthy as you want to be.